Our Team


Aidan Bird

MarEngTech NZCAD DipArch Draught


Aidan has worked in the marine and engineering fields for over 16 years and his roles in the Design, Project Management and/or Construction Management has seen the successful completion of a number of complex projects including marine, structural, civil and mechanical works. Aidan is also an International Institute of Marine Surveyor’s accredited surveyor and an Associate of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. His expertise with numerous CAD & analysis programmes coupled with his practical insight and knowledge is proven through his experience with a large variety of marine related projects, ranging from vessel design, modifications/upgrades, marine structures and ports and harbour design.


Maurice Davis

BE (Civil) CPEng CEng IntPE


Maurice is qualified as a civil engineer, naval architect and surveyor of ships. He has a long association with marine related activities being involved in the design and construction of harbours and port facilities including maritime structures and coastal protection works. He has held senior engineering positions with a number of port authorities in New Zealand and has acted as consultant on port developments overseas. He has also applied his skills as a naval architect in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of a wide range of commercial vessels operating successfully in New Zealand and overseas waters. Maurice is an accredited Maritime New Zealand surveyor in categories of Design Approval, Initial and Renewal Survey’s, Loadline Assignment and other categories.


Administration & Accounts

A super capable employee who efficiently completes administration tasks effortlessly but DO NOT get on the wrong side of them by late payment of your invoices. Ensure you pay all invoices on time and you will not have any problems from this direction. Any queries please do not hesitate to contact by either phone or email.

Contact Details

DDI: 03 477 2836


Another super capable employee who efficiently generates high quality drawings and documentation to enable a successful project.