EMTECH Services

The Emtech team successfully blends world class expertise with hands-on experience to deliver a wide variety of marine engineering solutions.

Services offered include:

Marine Engineering

Our experience and expertise in this field includes repowering several existing vessels, major upgrades of auxiliary machinery, electrical systems, controls, monitoring and safety equipment.

We have successfully managed the design and construction or procurement of mechanical equipment for construction, maintenance and operations in major ports. This work includes design and construction of slipways and ship repair facilities, specification and procurement of container handling and bulk-cargo equipment.

Members of:

Naval Architecture
EMTECH Ltd Vessel Design

Emtech offers pure naval architectural design alongside a wide range of engineering solutions for operational systems and devices. Using sophisticated design and analysis software, Emtech will work closely with you to create the vessel or system that fully meets your expectations.

Regulation Compliance

This area of expertise often goes hand in hand with the Ship Survey and Design Approval section below. Emtech are able to ensure any design meets the current marine safety and stability requirements and also meet all current codes of practice within safe ship management regulations. In addition, after modification to a vessel, the stability booklet must be updated or renewed.

Vessel Modifications EMTECH Ltd

Throughout a vessel’s service life, operating conditions change, needs change and technology moves on. We have the know-how, skills and technology to identify the changes required to extend the life and improve the usefulness of a vessel. For example, reconditioning or upgrading a vessel can give it a new lease on life, enhancing performance, productivity, and profitability.

Hydrodynamic Analysis

Hull type, water and air frequently combine to create one of the most complex environments known to man. The differences between multihull and monohull vessels can compound this complexity. Using the latest 3D modelling, complex fluid flow and structural calculations, our analysis enables informed decisions on how to optimise your vessel for safety and performance.

Ship Survey

Compliance with today’s stringent marine safety and stability requirements not only means keeping up with changes to the regulations, vessels must also meet all current codes of practice within safe ship management regulations. In addition, after modification to a vessel, the stability booklet must be updated or renewed.

Marine Valuations

In the current global environment we both work and play in, there has never been a more important time to ensure the property or assets you own or manage are valued carefully and correctly. Emtech offer specialised, up-to-date and applicable valuations for all your marine related property or assets including:

  • Ships
  • Workboats
  • Recreational vessels
  • Berths, Wharfs & Jetties
  • Marinas – Private and Commercial
  • Ports
  • Marine Structures
  • Waterfront Developments
Civil Engineering

Our experience and skills in civil engineering are extensive and have been acquired mainly on projects for major port developments in NZ and overseas. Works include heavy duty, deep water berths, breakwaters, dredging, reclamations and associated services.

Maritime Structures

Maritime structures can range from the focal point of a community or the critical component of an industry or business to the rarely seen offshore structure that plays a vital role to an industry or country

Waterfront Developments

The Emtech team have worked very closely with a number of industry leaders and developers to help deliver visually stunning and practical additions to their waterfront developments. We are able to achieve this using our commercial knowledge and practical experience which is of huge benefit when applied to your project at an early concept or feasibility stage.

Boat Ramps

Boat ramps can be complicated and are often not well designed. As both professional engineers and passionate boat owners, Emtech have a thorough understanding of boat ramp design and will ensure that both launching and recovery of vessels is made as easy as possible. Looking to the future, we also ensure that maintenance costs over the ramp’s lifetime are kept to a minimum.

Marinas EMTECH Ltd

Marinas are complex developments that involve service facilities, harbour protection and navigation design. Working independently, we ensure our clients receive tailored solutions with specific consideration given to safety, security, storm-proofing and pedestrian access. Whether catering for three-metre dinghies or 40 metre cruisers, we have the experience, knowledge and skill to create an outstanding, attractive and efficient marina.


Whether you require a mooring buoy or jetty, Emtech will make certain you get the best solution to keep your vessel safe. Our expertise will ensure that your berthage meets all current legislation and we can also provide assistance with consent applications.

Coastal Protection
EMTECH Ltd Protection

Storm events can cause significant damage to the shoreline and associated facilities. Finding a natural process to intervene is the optimum solution however some situations require a physical structure to achieve the balance. Whatever solution is needed we redirect forces to work for us not against us.


It is critical that channels and harbour entrances remain clear and accessible at all times. This is able to be achieved through the careful management of coastal and alluvial processes. We are specialists in long-term channel retention and in ensuring the economic viability of new channels.

Coastal Monitoring EMTECH Ltd

Prior identification of at-risk coastal areas allows for additional time to formulate robust solutions. All too often reactive measures are taken after events have occurred. Emtech undertakes monitoring of coastal regions throughout the country and is able to quantitatively measure trends and identify the problems affecting your region.

Process Investigation

A thorough investigation into identifying process-related issues precedes problem solving recommendations. We employ a range of investigation techniques and analysis methods, not only to ascertain the problem, but also to forecast the future potential.